Tuesday 6 March 2012

Just finished uploading some youtube videos on Aquarium products that is available from my web site

Superchlor which is a really good product for neutralising Chlorine, Ammonia, Nitrate and Nitrites. The water conditioner is also good as it is one of the few that actually will also do heavy metals and fluoride. It is a safe product as it contains no formaldehyde.

- - - This is an Australian Made product - - - 

Being Australian Made not only are you supporting Australia and a Australian product and manufacturer the product is made and designed with Australian water conditions in mind. 

I personally use SupaChlor and have used previously used many well known products. SuperChlor is one of the few products that will remove Fluoride and Hydrated Lime as well as heavy metals and other chemicals found in your town water. I also found that my fish breed better and more consistent and showed good coloration. Healthy fish starts with healthy water. 

Supa Chlor does not contain Formaldehyde. 

SupaChlor is probably the most sophisticated water conditioner in the world, it is the only product that is manufactured to recognize one of the primary problems associated with town water. That is hydrated lime, lime is used to buffer the pH of town water world wide, and is one of the least understood toxins in the Aquarium. Lime can be linked to a whole range of diseases, primarily fungal infections, the most common ailment to effect ornamental fish. 

This toxin is removed by chelation of the Calcium molecule which allows the hydroxide ion to become water by being attracted to hydrogen in water (Lime =Calcium Hydroxide converts to Sodium) This conversion is done with a bound phosphate, which is then left over to be used as plant fertilizer, this phosphate will not adversely effect aquarium water and is a benefit to plants and fish. EDTA is the most commonly used remover of toxic metals in normal Aquarium Water Conditioners but is exhausted because it is only moderately effective with Lime. 

Because Supa Chlor has a Calcium specific chelatant, the EDTA is more capable of removing the metals it is more efficient at countering, Zinc, Copper ( often present in rainwater) Ferric Oxide, Aluminium, Fluoride and Iron ( present in town water and bore water). As well as the abilities already mentioned Supa Chlor can also remove Ammonia that can be present in town water (in the form of Chloramine) or Ammonia present in Aquariums. It does this by encapsulating Quartinary Ammonia after removing Chlorine and then allowing it to aerate from the aquarium, this also happens with Ammonia biologically created in aquariums. 

All this and it is also one of the most powerful Chlorine Neutralisers available, chelating chlorine at a dose rate of 5 mls per 200 litres. Benefit to Plants Because Supa Chlor removes Hydrated Lime from town water by utilizing a chelating phosphate (that will not cause algal problems), this phosphate then becomes a safe effective plant fertiliser, or will bind with Calcium carbonate to make calcium usable for fish and plants. EDTA in Supa Chlor can also bind with Ferric Oxide (often replaces Aluminium Sulphate in town water) to produce Iron Chelate, again utilizable as a safe plant fertiliser. 

Supachlor used in conjunction with Macro Plant Fertiliser Blocks and Glut Blocks enhances plant growth