Tuesday 31 March 2020



Acclimation Fish and Inverts.

Congratulations on your new friend! At the Tech Den we like to offer our customers the best start possible for their new marine inhabitant. This quick acclimation guide will help your animal adjust to their new home. Acclimation is used to accustom the new animal to the tank’s conditions, such as salinity, temperature and PH. Not all sea creatures are compatible, so you should ask a team member of the Tech Den or research using a trusted website, when making your fish list. During the process of acclimation, you should always keep close attention to increased stress and hyperventilation and should be kept to a minimum where possible. In this case it may be best to reduce the amount of time when floating the bag.

Float the animal (still in the bag) in the fish tank for approximately 30 minutes so it can settle and get used to the water temperature.

Put the fish into a recommended 20L bucket using the bag water.

Use airline tube to create a dripline from the tank going through the grate in the weir, to hold it in place in the display tank, and suck on the opposite end of the tube to create water flow.

After the flow starts tie lose knot closely towards the end of the tube, this knot will control the flow rate.

Once the knot has been tied place the tubing into the bucket.

Adjust the knot as necessary to create a drip rate of 2-3 drops of water per second, into the bucket.

Once roughly 5L has been dropped into the bucket for a small animal or 10-15L for a bigger animal; and the salinity, temp and PH match, scoop them up and into the tank.

Discard bucket water and refill the tank with new saltwater
Invebrates suchas anemones, shrimp, crab and seahorses require slightly longer acclimation time. A suggested drip rate of 1-2 drops per second should be used for these more sensitive type introductions.


Generally not as fragile as we think, but for best results, a drip acclimation similar to that of fish but an even faster drip could be used.
However in the last 5-10 mins of the dripping process it is advisable to add some type of coral dip solution to the water to aid in pest removal and coral health.

It's advisable to use an air stone to agitate the water during a coral dip.
Products such as Coral RX Pro or TLF (Two Little Fishies) Revive are both good dip products.

After the dip is completed, rinse the coral off in some more aquarium water in a seperate bucket so that any dip solution doesn't enter the aquarium.
Also discard the drip bucket water and never let it enter the aquarium.
In the dipping and dripping time you may see some nasty and some not so nasty creatures fall of the coral.
If you know it to be a good guy and you can get it into the aquarium water fast enough then it shouldn't die.

Sunday 18 October 2015

API Algae Eater

API Algae Eater Wafers

API Algae Eater Wafers 181g

A complete and balanced diet to meet the nutritioal requirements of all algae eating fish including Plecostomus, Ancistrus (Bristlenose) and Otocinclus. 

The breakthrough formula of API Algae Eater Wafers includes a unique nutritionally enhance protein to ensure easy uptake of nutrients, for maximum absorption.
Fish more readily use the nutrients and release less ammonia, for cleaner, clearer water.

The result is healthier fish living in a healthier environment. 

Includes a nutrient rich blend of algae plus Omega-3 fatty acids to help promote growth and development.
Includes Alfalfa a good source of fiber to promote healthy digestive function.


For algae eating fish including Plecostomus, Ancistrus (Bristlenose) and Otocinclus 

  • Release up to 30% Less Ammonia

  • For Clean, Clear Water

  • Optimal Protein for healthy growth & healthy environment

  • Made in the USA

  • API has developed a fish food diet that delivers a healthier aquatic environment for fish and clean, clear water.
    API Fish Food contains a unique, nutritionally enhanced protein to ensure easy uptake of nutrients, for maximum absorption.
    Fish more readily use the nutrients and release less waste and less ammonia, for clean, clear water.
    Laboratory testing has proven that API Fish Food delivers up to 30% less ammonia than the leading competitor.
    API Fish Food, The Clear Choice in Fish Nutrition.

    Saturday 17 October 2015

    API Bottom Feeder Shrimp Pellets in action - good quality food from a trusted brand.

    Link to API Bottom Feeder Shrimp Pellet

    API Bottom Feeder Shrimp Pellet Sinking

    A complete and balanced diet to meet the nutritional requirements of all bottom feeding fish, including catfish, plecostomus and loaches. 

    The breakthrough formula of API Bottom Feeder Shrimp Pellets includes a unique nutritionally enhance protein to ensure easy uptake of nutrients, for maximum absorption.
    Fish more readily use the nutrients and release bless ammonia, for cleaner, clearer water.

    The result is healthier fish living in a healthier environment. 

    Contains Shrimp for a highly palatable nutrient rich food.
    Supplemented with seaweed and squid to help promote growth and health.


    Sinking pellet for all types of bottom feeding fish 

  • Release up to 30% Less Ammonia

  • For Clean, Clear Water

  • Optimal Protein for healthy growth & healthy environment

  • Made in the USA

  • Thursday 27 August 2015

    New Fluval Fresh and Plant LED lights - a massive improvement.

    What can I say, Fluval have done their homework on the new range of the Fresh and Plant LED lights. The previous Aqualife and Plant were great lights but they have set the mark and come forward with some great improvements.

    I have been waiting for these lights to hit Australia since I saw the release in the US market and I could not wait. Normally a new model will have a bit of new shine to an older model but they have gone to town. They only landed in Australia in the last couple of days and we are expecting our stock Tuesday - I am hoping for Monday.

    So what is the big deal? Well I will leave the most impressive for last but here is what they have done...

    They have improved the lumens with up to 50% on the previous and naturally this has a small effect on increasing the wattage - nothing major but there is an increase.
    They have gone to a nice neat soft touch control on the top of the light to give a better personal experience on lighting and making the most of their 5 unique LEDS with full spectrum exposure.
    You can still rely on the German Engineered light with 3 year warranty.

    The lights are IPX7 waterproof, splash em - no problem, even accidentally drop it in your tank and you will still be safe.

    On the two foot model they have not changed the 24"-36" but they have catered for what so many people were asking for on the 36" light. The old model was 36"-46" which was just short of fitting on a 4 foot tank and so many people would say to me "wouldn't it have been nice if it went to 48" and fitted on a 4 foot tank" Well they must have heard as the new model is 36" extendable to 48" and will now nicely fit on a 122cm 4 foot tank. Thanks Mr Fluval.

    Finally and as I am a gadget person they have added WiFi compatibility - but do not get too excited just yet - it is a "ADDITIONAL ACCESSORY (AVAILABLE SEPARATELY):" and eagerly await its release. Not only will it work on the Apple OS it will also work on the Android OS. If you get too excited and get two of the 2.0 lights - yes it will control two lights.

    Can't wait for these to rock in the door and just a couple more sleeps...

    Oh and if you thought that all these massive improvements would come with massive increase in price - your wrong...even with the Aussie dollar doing as poorly as it currently is...

    Big thumbs up from me....nice work Mr Fluval.

    For more information please visit the two links below to our website and remember - if your keen pop your email address in the top right hand side where it says "email me when in stock" so we can shoot you an email as soon as they are available and be one of the first to own the new Fluval Fresh and Plant 2.0

    2 foot

    3 foot


    Saturday 20 December 2014

    New Sicce Shark ADV Internal Aquarium Filters

    We have just received in the Sicce Shark ADV Filters and they look the goods.

    Some of the features that we liked was that it was a quality made and designed Italian Product.

    It uses magnetic connection to the filtration which makes it super easy to clean and you can just pull off the filtration while the unit is running to clean and when you put it back the magnetic connection easily puts it back in place.

    If you have small fish the intake at the bottom of the filter allows you to change that flow from 4mm to 1mm which can save small fish being sucked into the filter.

    They have 3 models in the range being 400,600 and 800lph.

    The 800 liter per hour model with a small mod can be converted into a reactor as well.

    Here is a YouTube on the both the units themselves as well as the mod to convert into a reactor.

    The 3 models are available from us at The Tech Den and for pricing and availability Sicce Shark Prices

    Tuesday 19 November 2013

    The Tech Den - New Shop at Caboolture.

    The Tech Den Aquarium Store is located at 2/28 Piper Street at Caboolture. You can now shop in store and the great discounted prices that you find online are also the same as in store pricing. Shop from the comfort of your own home at The Tech Den