Saturday, 17 October 2015

API Bottom Feeder Shrimp Pellets in action - good quality food from a trusted brand.

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API Bottom Feeder Shrimp Pellet Sinking

A complete and balanced diet to meet the nutritional requirements of all bottom feeding fish, including catfish, plecostomus and loaches. 

The breakthrough formula of API Bottom Feeder Shrimp Pellets includes a unique nutritionally enhance protein to ensure easy uptake of nutrients, for maximum absorption.
Fish more readily use the nutrients and release bless ammonia, for cleaner, clearer water.

The result is healthier fish living in a healthier environment. 

Contains Shrimp for a highly palatable nutrient rich food.
Supplemented with seaweed and squid to help promote growth and health.


Sinking pellet for all types of bottom feeding fish 

  • Release up to 30% Less Ammonia

  • For Clean, Clear Water

  • Optimal Protein for healthy growth & healthy environment

  • Made in the USA

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