Saturday 20 December 2014

New Sicce Shark ADV Internal Aquarium Filters

We have just received in the Sicce Shark ADV Filters and they look the goods.

Some of the features that we liked was that it was a quality made and designed Italian Product.

It uses magnetic connection to the filtration which makes it super easy to clean and you can just pull off the filtration while the unit is running to clean and when you put it back the magnetic connection easily puts it back in place.

If you have small fish the intake at the bottom of the filter allows you to change that flow from 4mm to 1mm which can save small fish being sucked into the filter.

They have 3 models in the range being 400,600 and 800lph.

The 800 liter per hour model with a small mod can be converted into a reactor as well.

Here is a YouTube on the both the units themselves as well as the mod to convert into a reactor.

The 3 models are available from us at The Tech Den and for pricing and availability Sicce Shark Prices


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